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My colorful dimensional paintings and installations explore non-repeating patterns informed by cosmology and sacred geometry, while rooting the work in applied design similar to Islamic patterning. I use rotational symmetry to generate dimensional forms that allude to movement and create an event horizon - a space where the infinite tessellations of universal physics can intersect with patterns, collapsing the divide between the theoretical and the real.


The source material for my layered constructions come from the properties of self-similarity - meaning the same form at different scales. Fractals are the most common example of self-similarity. These patterns channel a deeper meaning that transcend the merely decorative. The repetition of difference is a means of transformation. Descriptive and evocative, pattern is an imitation of the infinite. 


If these patterns permeate such a wide span of time, material, and culture, could we be tapping into something much larger than ourselves? Carl Sagan once said, “We are all made of star-stuff.” That longing for connection to the origins of creation is the driving force behind all my work.

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