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Through digital drawing techniques, I explore the concept of infinity in my art practice. The circle, a universal symbol of infinity, serves as the foundation for my process. Guided by the golden ratio, I generate intricate rotational patterns, each form holding the potential for endless variation. This interplay between mathematics and sacred geometry embodies the captivating relationship between order and the boundless.

Sacred geometry, symbolizing the harmonious union of the spiritual and physical realms, serves as a guiding principle. I translate my digital creations into tangible pieces, weaving the sacred into each layer through contemporary techniques like laser-cut wood, 3D printing, and ceramic casting. This process allows me to bridge the digital realm, a metaphor for the spiritual, with the physical world, manifested as vibrant paintings, sculptures, and installations.

Gradient auras illuminate my works, acting as visual guides that invite viewers on a journey through layered forms. These subtle hints suggest realms beyond our immediate perception. Ultimately, my exploration of pattern becomes an invitation to contemplate the infinite mysteries of creation and existence.

Smokey Pink_edited.png
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